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<div class="the_post"><p><a rel="nofollow" href=""><img style="width: 250px; height: 250px; margin-right: 10px;" src="; alt="JBL CS6100BG Complete 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System (Black Gloss)" /></a></p><p>Got your widescreen HDTV for your living room? That&rsquo;s only part of the experience. HDTV sound goes beyond 2-channel stereo, dividing sound into 5 channels. Get yourself a 5.1 channel surround receiver and add these speakers and you&rsquo;ve got home theater to enjoy and love! JBL&rsquo;s CS6100 6-Piece Home Cinema Speaker Package is a high-performance home-theater speaker system that beautifully complements your living room. The four satellites, matching horizontal center, and 300-watt (peak) subwoofer deliver unbelievable sound. The satellites and center channel feature JBL&rsquo;s advanced titanium-laminate dome tweeters and dual 3-1/2&Prime; drivers for unsurpassed power and realism. The voice-matched center channel speaker uses components that are identical to those used in the satellites for seamless pans. The black, high-gloss finish brings a touch of attractive contemporary design to your home and complements any flat-panel television. Wall brackets are included for the satellites and center channel.</p><p>JBL CS6100 Complete 5.1 Home Theater Package Have you been to a movie or gone to a concert recently? There?s a good chance that you were enjoying the show on JBL loudspeakers. For more than 60 years, JBL has been the loudspe</p><p><a title="JBL CS6100BG Complete 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System (Black Gloss)" rel="nofollow" href="">View JBL CS6100BG Complete 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System (Black Gloss) Details</a></p></div>