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Since his release from a near decade long prison stint last fall, Moses Michael Levy (better known as “Shyne“) has been relatively quiet. For good reasons albeit. He was deported from the States and re-acclimating himself to an obviously changed world aren’t exactly the easiest tasks to conquer for a recently freed man. That’s not to say Shyne has locked himself in a room either. He’s been seen giving motivational speeches to school children in his home country of Belize on the importance of making the right decisions in life. Actually, Shyne’s been living an error-free life since coming home.

But in the Hip-Hop world, the question still remains when new music from the former Bad Boy star will be made available. Months ago, early tracklists of DJ Khaled’s upcoming album Victory leaked online showing Shyne as apart of the who’s-who of collaborators. Unknown to many, however, Po has also been working with Hip-Hop (the person) in Belize on material for his currently untitled album. The direction of Shyne’s music remains a mystery. Will his music reflect that of man who experienced a spiritual cleansing or will it be more raw and graphic than before? Or will it be a combination of both? Even Swizz Beatz wants to find out before crafting instrumentals to fit the rapper’s mood.