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You guys won’t believe what happened to me; two weeks ago after a long day and an exhausting phootshoot, I set out to meet my boyfriend at our favorite restaurant for a quiet dinner and drinks. I was very anxious because my boyfriend said he had something very important to talk to me about. At first I think maybe this is IT, you know “IT’ The day I have dreamed about and the day my mother has prepared me for since I can remember. I even went as far as to let the words fall across my lips, “this it, he’s going to propose”

He’s arranged this intimate dinner not giving me many details but assuring me it was serious.  We been together for 3 years now we, live together we have spent countless hours, nights and months talking about our future together, What else can it be? As I arrive at the restaurant I find him sitting in a quiet corner looking as fine as ever except he’s not alone, there a very attractive women seated across from him.  As I approach the table he stands up to greet me. The women seated at the table looks up and smiles warmly as he introduces us. Tasha this is the love of my life the women I’ve been telling you about, Bre, Bre this is Tasha my friend of 2 years and hopefully with your approval, my next lover. Needless to say I was speechless.


Instantly my mind went blank. Trying to collect myself I started to speak when everything inside went into pause mode.  I stood there trying to rewind what I had just heard hoping this was a joke.  At that moment everything around me started to fade and suddenly and I was awaken by the sound of my heart beating almost out of my chest…Oh thank God, That was just a dream… What a nightmare. As I re-counted the day’s activities I tried to figure out where in the world this came from and then it hits me, awww yes it was the Mo’Nique interview I had watch earlier.  Directly preceding this year’s Oscars Award ceremony Barbra Walters interviewed Mo’Nique about her role in the movie “Precious”. During the interview Mo’nique talked about her abusive relationship with her brother and how she used the tragic situation to help to prepare her for her role as an abusive mother. During the interview Mo’Nique also dropped another bomb; she confessed to Barbra Walter that her and her husband Sidney Hicks of the past 4 years enjoyed an “Open Marriage”.

Huh?  At first I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What exactly did she mean?  Soon Mo’Nique would make it very clear by as she explained to Barbra “First of all we talk about everything, and we keep no secrets from each other, that’s a big part of the arrangement.  “If my husband wanted to go out and have sex with someone else, that’s ok with me”.  While I listened to this interview I became more intrigued.  Here is this now Oscar winning actress, wife and mother talking openly about her unusual marriage and with confidence.  I wasn’t sure what about this situation disturbed me more the fact that I couldn’t believe Mo’Nique of all people would be living this lifestyle  considering how I would feel if my boyfriend or husband was interested in the same type arrangement. I tried to figure out why anyone would ever want to be in an “Open Marriage”.  

Could it be that someone in the relationship is bored or just greedy? Could one person simply be unfulfilled sexually, maybe someone in the marriage considers that the act of sex could be very casual with no feelings at all, or Maybe Mo’nique and Sydney, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (who have also admi

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