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To all the fathers of the world I offer these thoughts to you: On Sunday we celebrate the mothers we have in our lives and show them how thankful we are for their sacrifices, patience, energy, thoughtfulness, hard work, nurturing, dedication and love that she gives to our children every day. 

Personally, I am thankful for Kimora each and every time I look into the eyes of my daughters.  I am thankful every time I hear them say something profound, do a good deed for another, share their possessions with each other and respect their elders.  I am grateful when I see them eating well, considering the environment and being kind to animals.  I am grateful that together we have instilled family values in them and that they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and don’t take their blessed lifestyle for granted. 


Kimora and I both understand the importance of our children having empathy, learning the value of meditation and  smiling and breathing blissfully through life.  These lessons don’t come easy. It’s true when we hear that children do as we do not as we say.  Every time I get involved in a new charity and have the opportunity give back I know that I am honoring the person who raised me. 

I don’t think that any of us give as much credit to our mothers as they deserve.  People often blame their childhood and their parents parenting skills on many of their adult issues but let’s start with just thanking them for keeping us fed, sheltered and safe.  Be thankful that they took care of their bodies so that they could birth a healthy baby.  Be thankful that even with their flaws that they loved you.  No parent is perfect and probably most mothers will admit that first hand.  Some even hold onto the guilt for mistakes they have made but there is a law of forgiveness that all of us should abide by. That is the only way we can be set free.  Our mothers did the best that they could and certainly, the choices they made were out of love.  That is why every moment Kimora and I spend with our kids, we always let them know how loved they are.  

On Sunday, thank the woman in your life who is helping raise up your children into caring, respectable, responsible members of our society.  My own mother isn’t on this physical plane anymore but I think of her often and when I do, I say, ‘thank you, Mom.’