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I decided to blog on a subject that might make some adults upset. Only because it is the truth and I only speak the truth.

I have noticed from the time you come home from the hospital your parent’s are taking photos of you. They make us wear the most embarrassing outfit’s bear’s pig’s cows and I think everyone has that one of Winnie the Poo.  Parents take photos of us in the back yard with the baby pool and that bathroom shot.

Our parent’s save every Mothers day card, trophy and pasta necklace we made before middle school. Oh how about our first missing tooth, and on the first day of school we could not get you guys to leave. Our parent or parent’s where always around. Telling us how important we are and how we could do anything. Everyday they wanted to know what we learned in school what was for lunch and then it just stopped. What about Little league and that dance recital the Easter speeches. Well, what happened America?  Did you think just because we hit middle school and we were as tall as you that we stopped looking for you in the audience? We did not! But you were not there. I can’t tell you how many times my mom and dad has played mom and dad for so many youth. I am glad they are there for them. But where are you? Now I bet you think I am talking about a certain community. Well let me educate you. I speak all around the country and teens tell me the same thing my mom my dad will not come.


This is not just in poor communities but upper middle class and rich communities. If America wants teenagers to stop kicking in doors, joining gangs and jacking cars they will listen. America you can not stop raising your kids at 11 and 12. I know I am just a kid but I been to Church conferences, PTA meetings, award nights and plays put on by teens and there is little to no parent support. I am proud to say everytime I look for my mother she is there.

I pledged a long time ago to be the voice of my generation so I will speak for them. We want you to check our cell phones, choose our friends and come to school and meet all of our teachers.  You are failing as a parent if you don’t. Now my grandmothers would say I am smelling myself but grandma I have to help teens so I must speak up for them. A couple of weeks ago 18 teens took an oath to lead a  Youth In Action chapter in their city. YIA is a group of teens committed to changing the world one project at a time Now Each of these chapters have 15 to 40 members. These are teens that pick up trash walk dogs, march against violence and maintain an A average to name a few. But where is there Parent support? These teens wrote speeches that would move you to tears. 

I know America you have to work. I know America you tired maybe next time or how about this one” Jonny wants those new shoes and his cell phone paid”.  So I have to work. America Jonny could really care less about his cell phone and would love for you to spend time with him. I want you to take that family scrapbook out and look at it does it have any photos or video’s of your teenager. America we want your time. No we need your time!
I know that the bill must be paid but the youth of America needs you. We are crying out for your attention your time. Please hear are cries and act.


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