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Hey Grinders! It’s Greyson Chance.

I’ve basically been spending the summer making the album, recording a lot of tracks; it’s a really interesting sound. It’s something that you don’t hear a lot, but it’s really great. There not going to be any collaborations on the first album. I’m writing a duet right now, though don’t know who’s going to be on it. I’d love Hayley Williams or Pink.

I know I’m only 12, but I do sound much older than I am. My music right now is so weird in a good way. It’s something that you don’t hear a lot. Honestly, I almost think it’s a rock album. You have some upbeat good, good pop songs and then you have some slow rock ballads – it’s just a really interesting sound.

Songs totally come to me in the weirdest ways. I have a song called “Path”. How I got the idea was, I was watching TV one day and I saw one of those child abuse commercials. What the song is saying is that I may have a bad past, but it’s not going to affect me in the end. The topics are just what I feel in my head. Like, I was in New York and I was riding the ferry and I was looking down at the water, and now I have a song about that. I’m going to be doing a lot or writing for this album. The only two songs that I’ve recorded that aren’t mine, are “Paparazzi” and a song called “Fire.”


Lady Gaga is amazing. She’s always herself, and she has such incredible voice and amazing talent, and she expresses it so well. Also, she’s just so nice. When I met her she was great. She’s also my favorite person to follow on Twitter. Since she’s on tour right now with The Monster Ball I just like seeing the different places she’s in; I think it’s interesting. She’s so genuine, just so great.

Gaga told me to always keep on writing and always keep on singing and pursuing the dream. I think it’s a complete honor that I have as many fans as I do, and I have that support base. I’m living my dream. I’ve never watched TV and been like “I want to be that person”; I always wanted to sing.

This is my dream & I’m really determined to be the best that I can. I just want my own career; I want to be myself. Losing yourself is the worst thing that can happen in your life. Especially in this industry, you can’t listen to everyone – I mean, you have to listen, but you always need to be yourself.

-Greyson | Follow me @greysonchance