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First and foremost, the Jersey Shore needs to receive an award for entertaining America week after week! Is there a Pulitzer Prize or Emmy Award for the greatest reality TV antics? They would totally win, hands down

Every week these young, tan, “juicehead”, beat building Italians kids seem to keep us ROFL time and time again. This week of course was no different. There wasn’t a dull moment on this week’s episode of Jersey Shore.

From much anticipated girl fight between Angelina and Snooki to Angelina’s major douchebag move, check out what had us all say WTF?!

Hilarious spoilers ahead! Keep reading for the 3 WTF moments and other honorable mentions. Think we missed anything? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite Jersey Shore moment. 


1. Angelina and Snooki get into an earring snatching, hair pulling, rumble and tumble fight! This moment didn’t come until the end of the episode; right as Angelina was making her second early exit from the house. Obviously, Angelina has had her beef with the cast mates since the first season, but apparently Snooki had had enough! Reigning in at 4 feet 9 inches, Snooki took on the “Italian Kardashian of Staten Island” Angelina with no hesitation. This moment was absolutely hilarious and certainly a WTF moment!



2.Mike finally brings home the Canadian beauty and OMG! She was a SCREAMER! LOL Mike’s sexcapade was really awkward to watch on TV since no one really wants to hear people having sex, but the Canadian beauty didn’t seem to care as she let the whole house know what was going on in the “Smush” room.

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