The Daily Grind Video

I don’t really have a preparation routine, but five minutes before I get on that stage I zone out. I keep quiet, and I keep to myself until they call my name. Then it’s like pressing the play button on a movie.

When I’m out there I’m not performing for me, I’m performing for the audience that came to see me and support me.

Every night I go out there it’s not the same crowd and it’s not the same place.There is a different type of vibe for every show, and it makes it easy to perform my songs night after night.

The most memorable show I’ve had to date was my first show with Justin Bieber, which was in Minnesota if I recall. In the beginning, I was coming out with Sean Kingston.

The first time I came out on the Bieber tour, it was the most people I had ever performed in front of by myself. I didn’t even get two words out of my mouth before the crowd started screaming, and it was great.

I remember this one time during the tour a girl reached up acting like she was trying to hug me but she couldn’t reach me, so she grabbed the inside of my pants and pulled me down into the crowd instead.

I just threw my hands around her and gave her a hug and went about my business of performing. Security didn’t have to get involved.

For some reason it made me think about the first time I tried to holler at a girl, but I can’t even remember last week.