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I have 2 parts of this blog so please read both as they are VERY IMPORTANT! The 1st blog is about Perez Hilton and my thoughts on him MOCKING the Death of Michael Jackson.    Part 2 is my personal blog about Michael Jackson because he deserves his own dedication with a positive message.


I have a “PART 2” in this blog because I was originally going to write about why I think Perez Hilton is a failure to mankind for MOCKING Michael Jackson’s death when the rest of the world was mourning! However as I was writing my homage to Michael Jackson, I was filled with such positivity that I felt someone DISTGUSTING as PEREZ HILTON PIG should not even be in the same subject or blog about the Great Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!  So here is my part 2 of the blog and I’ll keep this short and simple.

As news broke yesterday that Michael Jackson was in the hospital for Cardiac Arrest and was in SERIOUS CONDITON, Perez PIG Hilton had the AUDACITY to write a SHAMELESS AND HEARTLESS blog post on his website MOCKING Michael Jackson while he was in his deathbed.  Perez then later decided to DELETE his blog post once he realized that would be his instant “career” killer!  Luckily for me I have a screenshot as PROOF on why EVERYONE should BAN and join the #UNFOLLOWPEREZHILTON Movement! Someone like him is a FAILURE to society and is the epitome of what HYPOCRITE HEARTLESS AND SHAMELESS ASSHOLE stands for! Here is the screenshot of what this disgustng person had to say about Michael Jackson, moments before he died:


With that said, and now that you all see Mario Lavendiera AKA Perez Hilton’s TRUE COLORS shining bright, I think NOW is the time we can safely say, EVERYONE #UNFOLLOWPEREZHILTON MOVEMENT!  For years he has crushed hard working people in the entertainment industry, destroyed people’s lives, causing the downfall of some of the greatest people who do not deserved to be ripped to pieces.  For a guy who’s made a “career” on bashing and hurting other people,  I think everyone in the entertaiment industry, and people all around the world should take away the Perez Hilton’s evil power and start giving it to someone else who will help better the world, not destroy it!  On that note: Perez…..Go to hell!  I am NOT afraid of you, and hopefully after this blog, my fellow celebmates will no longer be afraid of you either! YOU ARE NOTHING! BYE BYE! You’re done.

Tila Nguyen AKA Tila Tequila



Yesterday, June 25th, 2009 around 12:30 or 1pm, I started receiving very alarming news that Michael Jackson had gone to the UCLA Medical Center for Cardiac Arrest!  I remember being in my car when I received the news!  So the first thing I did was rush home so I could turn on the news or go online to get more details.  From the time I heard about Michael Jackson’s trip the the hospital to the time I finally returned home, the news had spread like a wildfire! Then I received the MOST alarming news of all…..I had just gotten a text message from one of friends here in LA who was there at the hospital and told me that Michael Jackson had officially passed away!  I thought he was messing with my head….this couldn’t be true…..No way is our King of Pop

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