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The past few months have shown me how essential it is to have good, solid, trustworthy support in my inner circle of friends, lovers and advisors.  
Without that, maintaining balance in this crazy, fast paced life becomes impossible.
Recently I found a good romantic connection with a man who is more than just a boyfriend… he’s truly my bodyguard, my strongest advocate, and my very best friend. 

Finally!  What the hell took so long?!

Everything hasn’t been perfect, but we’ve kept faith with each other and weeded out any influences that have tried to keep us apart.  

When the right kind of person who brings sanity rather then chaos comes into your life it helps you take a look at what all of the other people who were in your life before were bringing to you with wiser eyes.   Those drama-heavy, tormented and emotionally draining relationships seem phony compared to the beauty of a good and supportive relationship.  All of the pain and fear seems silly, probably because it really is silly.

Falling in love with a man who provides the right support has helped me make the short list of friends even shorter.  It’s also got me hoping that other people start to do the same. 

There is no reason to let just anyone into your life.  Be selective! If you find people in your circle who have an investment in hurting you or making you feel badly about yourself with guilt or with negativity, remove that energy from the position of importance in your life.  There is too much good that you are meant to do to wallow in misery with people who can’t support the good that’s waiting for us all.

Protect your potential for greatness by surrounding yourself with the right kind of support. Tell the negative peeps:

“The list is short baby, it’s constantly being revised and YOU no longer make the cut!”

You may find yourself without as many friends, but the ones that remain are all you need.

My supportive love lifts me up when I’m questioning myself.  He is gentle with my heart and conscious of communicating in spirit with me.  Everyday he tells me to trust myself and to know that no matter what, he’s got my back.  He walks that promise out in his actions towards me and I walk that out in mine towards him.

That old cliché “when its right, its right” is soooo very right.  

Find that soft place to land in the people who give you good support. Give the right support in return to the people you choose to invest in.

Sit back and just notice how damn good and freeing the right support feels.

With much love…

– Katie Rost