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This Gear Of The Day focuses on hints of the casual, jet setting, high life. You will feel like  a cool million bucks clicking through these rich picks. Today GlobalGrind is dreaming of making a second home out of a beautifully fab boat and checking the time on a quality Michael Kors watch while wearing our Prada sneakers, 21Men backpack, and throwback Members Only jackets.

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Who: Prada
What: Cap Toe Patent Sneakers
Where: Saks
When: Available now.
GG Certified: Prada is a big name in the fashion industry. These costly cap toe sneakers are such a hot item at Saks that a customer is only allowed to order three pair every thirty days. So make sure you get a pair or three.

[pagebreak]Prada Cap Toe Patent Sneakers.[pagebreak]


Who: 21Men
What: Distressed Faux Leather Backpack
Where: Forever21
When: Now.
GG Certified: The backpack craze is still alive and kicking. Try a textured backpack to set yourself apart. Though this particular bag is classified as a men’s accessory, it is really unisex. So ladies don’t be afraid to check this out as well.

[pagebreak]Distressed Faux Leather Backpack.[pagebreak]


Who: Michael Kors
What: Stainless Steel/Silicone Chronograph Watch
Where: MichaelKors
When: Anytime.
GG Certified: Michael Kors has created a sporty, yet formal style in this black-and-blue beauty. It is a sturdy stainless steel and silicone combo, and is water resistant to boot. Guys will look refined whether wearing this quality watch to work, the gym, or the club.

[pagebreak]Stainless Steel/Silicone Chronograph Watch in black.[pagebreak]


Who: Members Only
What: Members Only Racer Jacket
Where: <a href='

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