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We get it. A fan wants a piece of their favorite artist and sometimes that means feeling the need to own merchandise with the artist’s likeness on it. But, here’s the problem, sometimes this notion goes too far. Exhibit A: the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

We love Bieber just as much as the next, but do you really need to purchase a toothbrush that sings “Baby.” Unfortunately, the Biebs isn’t the only one profiting from oddball items.

Here’s a list of some slightly ridiculous and unnecessary merchandise.



Having a radio in the bathroom seems like the normal way to brush your teeth and listen to tunes.



A “Nicki Minaj Handbook.” No disrespect to the author/curator of this handbook, but we’re not sure the world needed this just yet. This falls into the “too soon” category.


You can be a Kiss fan well into the afterlife thanks to the Kiss Kasket.


Have you ever been driving in your car and thought: “I wish the GPS voice was that of Snoop Dogg”? Wish granted, with the Snoop Dogg Tom Tom GPS. 


Editor’s note: We owned a New Kids on the Block sleeping bag when we were 7-years-old, but not once did we feel the need to play an NKOTB board game.


Who knew people still played with Russian Dolls, let alone ones with the face of Cher, Elton John and more.


We’re not sure what this bear has to do with Britney Spears, but, in her heyday, fans of the pop star would’ve purchased anything Britney-related.

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