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The fastest way to a fan’s heart is obviously through a lap dance. Celebrities like Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Usher are known to woo the ladies on stage with their bump-n-grind antics.

PHOTOS: Chris Brown Gives A Fan A Lap Dance & Heats Up Miami

Chris Brown isn’t the only celeb getting freaky on stage with their fans, singer Janet Jackson was one of the first celebrities to get freaky with fans on a stage in front of thousands of on-lookers. On her “Velvet Rope” tour, Janet Jackson strapped an adoring fan to a S&M type contraption and gave him the strip tease of a life time. The poor fan was shaking with anxiety, excitement and pure bliss as Janet climbed up the contraption to eventually put her “lady parts” in his face. 

GlobalGrind definitely gives Janet Jackson’s strip tease an A+++, for effort and freakiness.

Check out other celebrities that received an A+ for their sexy lap dances on the next few pages! 


Chris Brown gives an adoring fan a lap dance in Miami. 


Nicki Minaj gave her “boss” Lil Wayne a lap dance as soon as he got home from jail.


Beyonce seductively catered to actor Terrence Howard with a sexy lap dance. 


In an attempt to be sexy, a fan kicked Usher in the face while giving him a lap dance on stage. 


Singer Trey Songz likes to include three way kisses in his lap dance performances. 


Singer Mya gave Carson Daly a lap dance.

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