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Taylor Spreitler was born to be a star.

She played the role of Mia McCormick on the NBC soap opera “Days of our Lives,” from January 2009 until June 2010 and now, she has recently joined the cast of the ABC Family sitcom “Melissa & Joey,” playing the role of Lennox Scanlon.

At a young age, Taylor won a statewide talent and beauty contest, as well as modeled for ads like Sak Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and many more.

We got a chance to sit and talk with Taylor about her rockstar party last year, her dog Pearl and who her Twitter girlfriend is.

Check the interview we had with her below!

Hey how’s it going Taylor?

Everything is going good and you?

Wee’re doing well. So you’re on this show called “Melissa and Joey.” We’ve seen some clips from it and it seems pretty cool. You guys tackle some real issues. How fun is it being on the show?

It’s so much fun. We all go out to dinner or the movies all the time. We are all pretty close.

Before the sitcom, you were doing your thing in the soap opera arena. How did you feel when you heard one of the shows got the ax?

When I heard “All My Children” got canceled I was so crushed. One of my really good friends played the little girl. A lot of my family watched “All My Children.”

We heard you are a prankster. What’s the biggest prank you pulled off, or tried to pull off on set?

Whenever anything goes wrong, they come to me and my friend. They immediately come to use. We didn’t think we could get in trouble for it. We took the golf carts from the ABC production office. Then we parked the golf carts away from the office. When we left them there we walked away like we can’t believe someone did that. Another time we saran wrapped all of the doors, took the flip cams out and taped it. Everyone saw it and was like come on guys, why would you do that?


We see you have a Twitter girlfriend. What is the basis of that relationship?

It’s an inside joke, everyone would say you guys should date because you are just alike. We don’t have any drama with each other like other girls. So we said, let’s just say we are dating on Twitter.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?

I started following Melissa Hart before we worked together. She’s very entertaining.

We’re somewhat of an very-anti social person when it comes to Twitter.

Sometimes it’s hard to think of things to tweet.

What’s the longest that you’ve texted somebody without having an actually long conversation with them?

Actually it’s been between me and my Twitter girlfriend. We have a emotions and we go back and forth with that all day.

Someone recently named their baby Like. For fun, if you could name your baby after a computer thing what would it be?

Probably like, Poke.



Your dog’s name is Pearl correct?


What’s the funniest thing your dog has done?

She knows how to do everything. But she went missing for 4 hours and we couldn’t find her. Me and my sister went looking for her. We found her in the trash can. I guess she had went in there when someone was throwing out their garbage and they put the top over the can. She was so scared and so were we, but glad we found her.

The premiere for the show :Melissa & Joey” is June 29, we know you can’t want to see the final results.

My character has grown a lot throughout the show. I’m excited to see everything, especially how stupid we look in some of the scenes.

We know you are working with Melissa Joan Hart and there are plenty of people who have had crushes on her. Since you are new, these boys will have crushes on you. Has a fan come up to you and said they have a crush on you?

Actually I did an autograph signing and a boy asked me to come to his state. Then his mom asked me the same thing.


Your birthday is in September. Do you consider yourself a Libra?

I’m in the middle, I consider myself a Libra and a Scorpio. One day I feel like a Libra then the next, a Scorpio.

Now last year you had a rocker party. Any plans for this year’s birthday?

In the beginning, I wanted it to be a prom themed party but now I’m so over the prom thing. But I don’t think anyone wants to help me plan a party again because of last year’s. I would probably have to beg them. But if not, I would love to go out of the country like to an island.

What are your style trends for the summer? 

I’m really into oversized t-shirts, with shorts and sandals.

You sing as well. Who are some of your musical influences? Who do you listen too?

I’m a huge classic rock fan. I grew up listening to Elton John, Elvis Presley. But I kick it old school with Blink-182 and Citizen Cope.






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