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Kicks are the vehicle of choice for coke smugglers, it seems.

PHOTOS: Kickin’ It With Cocaine: Air Force 1’s in Drug Bust



The latest to get busted are a pair of white-on-white Converse with a suede star and two pairs of Nike Air Force 1’s, also white. A third white-on-white Nike low with a velcro strap could not be identified.

A 21-year-old major league baseball prospect was cold busted last week trying to sneak (pun intended) more than six pounds of cocaine into JFK Airport in his sneakers.

Customs and Border Protection officers arrested Christian Martinez after they found the drugs stuffed inside the soles of four pairs of his tennis shoes that were in his possession, after he flew in from Dominican Republic on June 29, 2011.

Christian “was” a prospect for the Tampa Bay Rays until the team learned his visa was invalid.  They say the drugs  had a street value of more that $138,000.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, looks like. 

SOURCE: Unlimited Whispers

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