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Tony Montana …Tony Montana. Who knew chanting a Cuban gangsta’s name would be so catchy? 

Our favorite Canadian rapper Drake tapped into his inner gangsta on Atlanta rapper Future’s “Tony Montana” track.

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The Atlanta-based rapper has been building his momentum to receive mainstream recognition for some time now and his Drake featured remix may be the key to the limelight. 

Future, who is rumored to be the ghost-writer behind rapper YC’s hit song “Racks” has been buzzing in the dirty South for the past year. 

In a smooth raspy voice, Future raps, “I take over the street/fresh off the banana boat/I come straight from the east/where n*ggas split your canteloupe.”

Drake comes through on the track with gangsta witty word play, “Niggas getting nervous/I’m passing out the valium/I suggest you pop it, but please don’t get to sleepy/you still have the bitches twerking/up in 400 West Peach street.”

If you’re feeling like a real g, take a listen to “Tony Montana” below!