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It seems like every time a celebrity turns around, someone is trying to grasp his or her attention in some way.

Usually these people are fans and they simply want a picture, a hug and an autograph. It’s part of a celeb’s life. But there are a select group of fans who have other intentions in mind.

These superfans fantasize about being married to the celebrity and starting a family, while others have cruel intentions, like killing them.

Whatever the case may be, in their minds these stalkers want to be around their favorite celeb and will do anything to get what they want.

The latest in a long line of celeb stalkers comes from the gorgeous Halle Berry’s camp. 

PHOTOS: Halle Berry Had To Call The Cops On A Mofo … Twice!

In 2004, former NAVY Seal Greg Broussard was stalking Halle. Berry released in a statement saying that Broussard was a stranger and was imagining that the two were engaged and that her publicist was preventing them from being together.

Just last night, another man was caught watching Berry in the kitchen of her home with what was believed to be a book in hand. He tried two nights in a row to see the actress and he eventually scared the star so much that she called the police ― twice! 

This new stalker is still at large. 

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Lindsay Lohan‘s stalker has no shame in his game. Lohan claims that he has been following her around for years and continues to leave notes and gifts at her door. The actress tweeted a picture of the man leaving her building and said:

“This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me- while he is TRESPASSING! im actually scared now- the blood in the ‘cults’ book was too much- all my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. g-d bless xxL”


Tennis star Serena Williams was not home when her stalker tried to attack her, thank goodness. She was at the MET Gala in NYC, when her stalker was caught trying to traspass into her house.

When the police finally captured the creep, they found a love letter on him saying how much he loved her and how they are soulmates. He hoped that she was in love with him too … we don’t think so!


Paris Hilton‘s stalker was caught last week outside of her home, but this is not the first time he showed his face in public.

Hilton’s then boyfriend, Cy Waits, was attacked outside of a courtroom and served days in jail because of the assault.


Reality star Audrina Patridge was left disturbing drawings outside of her L.A. home by her stalker. The man is now being evaluated for mental illness before appearing in court in September.


Britney Spears was stalked back in 2008 by a woman who was a former castoff of “American Idol.” The woman sang Spears’ songs at the audition and was begged to stop singing because she was horrible.

The stalker blogged about her experience at “Idol” saying she was too nervous.


Jennifer Aniston is apparently into sharp objects, duct tape and love notes. The man that was stalking the “Horrible Bosses” actress had these handy when he was caught following the star on Sunset Blvd.


Tyra Banks‘ stalker tried to attack the former model outisde of her Chelsea studio in New York City. As of last April, the man was released by a judge, so Tyra may still have to watch her back.




Sadly former Beatle John Lennon, was shot and killed outside of his apartment by his stalker. On December 8th, 1980, Mark David Chapman gunned down the singer/songwriter.


Paula Abdul‘s stalker also tried out for “American Idol” in hopes to get closer to her idol back in 2006. She didn’t make it far in the competion, but she managed a stake out in front of the former judge’s house in L.A. It didn’t end well. The woman ended up taking her life in her car due to her unusal obsession with Paula.