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Breaking news has just been reported that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment at 4:05 p.m. today.

In light of this horrible tragedy, GlobalGrind has put together five songs from the soul singer that we can not live without.

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Amy is best known for her hit song, “Rehab” from her second studio album Back To Black.

But before the star lost a tremendous amount of weight and started diving into alcohol, the songstress was well known overseas for her first album Frank.

Amy Winehouse Is Dead

Take a look at our most favorite songs from both albums on the next few pages.


1. “Rehab”

This was the song that put Amy on an international level. This song was a big middle finger to her publicist, but instead became an even bigger f*ck you to the world. Amy stood her ground in this one.


2. “Valerie”

This song was originally from the indie rock band, The Zutons, but in 2007, producer and DJ Mark Ronson asked Amy to do a cover of it. He put a ’60s doo-wop feel to it and it became an instant hit. 


3. “In My Bed”

This innovative track off of her debut album Frank talks about emotionless sex and all that comes in between. The infamous beat is from Nas‘s track “Made You Look.” Amy had Nas present in the studio to listen what she had done with his beat and the story of their frienship goes on from there.


4. “F*ck Me Pumps”

This song shows another side to Amy. Here she is making fun of all the girls that go out to try and catch a man, not realizing that the guys only want them for one thing: sex.


5. “Me And Mr. Jones”

This track showcases Amy’s vocals. She blows this track away. Fun Fact: This song is about Nas and how he played her after his girl found out that they were friends.


BONUS: “Back To Black”

This haunting track is an invitation to the funeral of Amy’s dead heart. Relationships are tough and breaking up is even worse. Listen to the hurt that Amy is feeling on this one.