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Vida Guerra‘s body is so perfectly proportioned that it’s almost unfair. This chick can cause a riot with her body and not even mean to.

When she tweeted out a pic of her ass-ets a few months ago the internet went crazy with her name becoming a trending topic on twitter. Not many people can do that.

Vida Guerra Almost Breaks Twitter With A Photo!

Vida hit up Miami Beach this week in a black thong bikini, giving us a full-on view of what she’s working with, no doubt it’s a lot. If we had her body, we’d flaunt it too.

We love a woman with confidence who owns her sexy curves!

Check out the mouth-watering pics!


Vida leaves the beach with her Louie backpack in hand.


Vida takes a stroll by the beach.


Vida is just as nice to look at from the front.