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We all love cookies and most of the time we like our presidents … so why not combine the two?

Rush Limbaugh recently had a lame attempt at humor when he called President Obama an Oreo on his show.

Rethuglican News Of The Day: Christine O’Donnell Walks Out On CNN & Rush Limbaugh Calls Obama An Oreo (VIDEO)

A company in Spain has already created cookies based on Obama called “Obamitas” and they are little brown cookies with a white mouth and eyes. 

We cannot condone Limbaugh’s statement but it got us thinking on our own.

What other types of cookies could we associate with our favorite past presidents?

Can you imagine eating a cookie and then associating it with one of your country’s leaders? It’s a whole new way of life. 

Would George Washington be a linzer tart or a macadamia nut? Now you will find out.

Check out our picks for presidents as cookies!