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Tamera Mowry, who now goes by Tamera Mowry-Housley since she got married, is speaking out about the hate she got when people found out she was marrying a white man.

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Tamera’s husband Adam Housley was the one who calmed Tamera down when the hate was becoming too much to bare. 

In an exclusive interview with our friends at The YBFTamera explains why the outside judgments are no longer an issue.

Tamera, let’s get right to it. You and Adam got slammed with hateful comments and criticism about your interracial relationship. Especially as soon as your engagement photos hit the net. Why did you choose to release the photos? How did you all deal with the negativity?

It’s something I wanted to share with Adam, our fam and friends, and years down the line with our kids. There’s something, I think, special about that. I wanted them to see something more than just us in our wedding attire. I didn’t feel like we shouldn’t have put them out–I was just shocked that some people still feel that way.

It’s 2011! They did a poll recently and 83% of Americans are OK with interracial relationships. I never expected that kind of negative response to us. That’s why I was OK with our wedding photographer [Jose Villa] putting those pics on his website. He was ok with them, and I was ok with them.

Did all the hate overshadow your happiness about the photos?

It didn’t ruin anything for me though. If anything it just shed light on the fact people feel that way…and that’s their opinion. The fact of the matter is–if you have 99.9% who see it with positivity, and you’re gonna have that .1% who don’t.

My husband had the best response to that on the show.

He said ‘That’s not our issue. That’s their issue. So they can deal with that.’ From now on, I’m just focusing on the people who love us and support us. Which are MANY people. And that’s also the case with life–there will always be naysayers.

We think Tamera is right on track and are so proud of her for her strength and conviction. 

Check out the full interview over at The YBF.

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