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The mixture of art and fashion has happened again, this time with German contemporary artist, Anselm Reyle and Christian Dior.

Dior is launching a handbag collection with Reyle and the brand will operate a pop-up store at in November at Miami’s Art Basel.   

Christian Dior’s earliest venture was actually in the art world, with a gallery that opened in 1928, and was run with his father’s money until Dior senior lost his fortune.

Reyle, who often works with neon colors, is no stranger to collaboration and has made his own deck with Mekanism skateboards last year. He has stated in an interview with WWD that he would like to see someone carrying one of his handbags on the street, but he doubts that will happen in his Berlin.

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The collection helps fill a creative void left by the departure of designer John Galliano, who was dismissed seven months ago after an anti-Semitic rant. Dior is still in the process of recruiting a replacement, and the studio, led by Bill Gaytten, has designed the recent runway collections. 
Due out in January in a Dior Pop-Up shop in Miami and then worldwide soon thereafter, the collection features a lot of neons and geometric patterns. It is definitely not what supporters of the Dior brand are used to, however it will, without a doubt, be a collectors item. 

Take a look at some pieces from the collection in the accompanying gallery.