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Last year, Hayden Panettiere began filming the Lifetime movie of the Amanda Knox story. 

She matched up her looks to a perfect fit, but the story was still unfinished. Since Amanda Knox has been dismissed and sent back home from Italy, the movie can now be adjusted for a new ending!

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The LA Times Blog reports:

A Lifetime movie about the Amanda Knox trial will be updated after the 24-year-old was cleared of murder charges in an Italian court Monday.

“Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy,” which first aired on the television network in February, has Hayden Panettiere playing Knox, who traveled to Italy to study abroad in 2007. While overseas, Knox’s roommate was murdered and the Seattle-bred student was two years later charged with killing her.

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It’s great that Amanda Knox was cleared of a crime she didn’t commit and we’re looking forward to seeing Hayden’s somewhat happy ending, but let’s not forget that Meredith Kercher’s killer is still out there.

To read the rest of the story, visit the LA Times Blog.