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We find it hard to picture Emma Stone standing at a podium at the Giorgio Armani x Vanity Fair dinner last night checking names off of a list a-la-Applebee’s hostess. And rightfully so, because being a dinner hostess in the fashion world is far more glamorous!

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The Help star sported a beautiful metallic Armani dress, with accessories kept minimal, as she teamed up with Giorgio Armani’s niece Roberta to host a collaborative Giorgio Armani and Vanity Fair private dinner in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

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Emma Stone pulled out a hefty A-list guest list that featured fellow fabulous ladies such as Rachel Zoe, Julia Jones, Katie Holmes and Rashida Jones. Meanwhile, the dashing gentleman in attendance ranged from Adam Brody to Josh Hartnett.

The red headed starlet is making a profound statement hosting an event of this magnitude!

Check out the photo gallery of some of Emma’s impressive dinner guests!