We all heard the sad news late last week that our favorite bawse man Rick Ross suffered two seizures while on two separate flights in the same day.

PHOTOS: Rick Ross Made It To Wing Stop Despite Suffering Two Seizures

Rick Ross finally emerged last night at a Wing Stop that he owns in Memphis with DJ Khaled and Gucci Pucci.

As we were worried about Rick Ross, it was only right that the bossman Russell Simmons speak with DJ Khaled today to get an update on Rick Ross and his current state of health.

We had to make sure he was OK! 

Russell Simmons: Is Rick alright? You have to get him to rest. You promise you will keep him in the crib for a little while?

DJ Khaled: I am not leaving his side. He is resting, he is chilling and he is actually super focused. He is at the crib and is going to rest and just chill until he gets his energy back. He is going to take everything one day by day.

Russell Simmons: And make sure you hold him back for an extra two days!

DJ Khaled: Absolutely! I told him he has to stay home for two weeks. I told him he has got to just chill and reIax. I told him he is a big enough star that he can just stay home. His life is more important.

Russell Simmons: I’m looking at this picture of you and Rick at Wing Stop. You look like you had some damn milkshakes in your hands. What were you eating?

DJ Khaled: Let me tell you a little bit about that. He just bought a Wing Stop so he chose to go visit. He had water in his cup, he ain’t going crazy. He just bought a new Wings, so he just took a picture in front of it, that’s it.

Russell Simmons: Make sure he tries to stay healthy, it is very important.

DJ Khaled: When he went in the hospital that was a reality check. I’m trying to tell him, but he’s telling me, ‘Khaled you ain’t got to tell me no more, I understand clearly I got to take my life seriously.’

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