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The concept for GlobalGrind’s winter fashion editorial began with a line from Pusha T’s “My God” which reads, See the future like the car show floor models!

STORY: Repeat Offender: Best Looks For Spring & Summer 

Those lines ran tracks in our minds and we thought it would be great to shoot fall and winter looks based off Pusha’s optimistic lyrics.

We photographed winter basics inside and juxtaposed the pieces with furniture at Bo Concept in NYC, where folks know a thing or two about urban living. The models, clothes and environment exemplified everything about a bright and comfortable future amidst uncertain times: great patterns, sturdy leathers, warm knits, music, colors, functionality and great looking guys whose ages range from 15 to early 30s, and whose cultural backgrounds reflect what America in the 21st Century is about: diversity.  

From Adidas to Akoo, Cole Haan to Skull Candy, Converse to Beats By Dre and Hush Puppies, to single out a few brands we adore, we see fall/winter as bright and cheery, not dull, cold and grey. 

Big thanks and a huge shout out toBo Concept on Madison Ave. Thanks and praises should also be given to celebrity stylist Debra Ginyard who trekked between NYC and Philly, uptown and downtown and in between, lugging bags of clothes and shoes.

Thanks to Aldolphus Amissah, our photographer, who killed on Sunday with less than a handful of hours to spare. Big-ups to Noel Walker, who assisted with the shoot and clothing; Nicole Williams, for hair and make-up. We’d also like to give daps to the models, Christian, Jean Carlos, Jonathan, Ross and Mamodou,  for coming through on a Sunday morning, missing church and/or sleep.

Check out the hottest in cold weather gear in the accompanying gallery!