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I knew before it hit the press and exploded into a media firestorm of speculation and rumors that Kim Kardashian was going to file for divorce from her husband Kris. We had a heart to heart talk just a few days prior where we shared our thoughts about life, love, celebrity and well, actually Occupy Wall Street (my current favorite subject).

So of course I wasn’t surprised by yesterday’s news but what I WAS surprised about was how many people believed her marriage was a fake and the divorce a media ploy to push her already famous face further into the minds of the public while making off with the motherload in the process. Everyone from @bettemidler (Tweet: Kim getting a divorce?  Why is anyone surprised?  We been played!!!) to people close to her immediately began to question how legitimate her marriage was and how much she earned from the wedding via endorsements, wedding gifts, exclusive photos to magazines and tv specials covering every intimate detail of her special day. To those people I say shame on you.

All the haters had her divorce papers drawn up in their heads before she ever took her vows! Now they feel cheated because they follow Kim’s every move, buy every product she endorses, watch her every day on TV and somehow feel like they paid for that wedding themselves and didn’t get to see the blow out, drag down fights up that led to the split up close and personal themselves. Misery loves company and loves it the most when there’s an opportunity to tear down a famous person the public has built up. Nothing temporarily numbs the soul better than seeing somebody else suffer publicly right? This is what we should all be looking at right now- ourselves and our thirst for that kind of collective sickness.

The truth is, Kim is human just like you. Love is a hard game to play, especially when all eyes are on you. Sometimes we make decisions based on love that prove to be the wrong decisions in the long (or in this case short) run. That doesn’t make the pain any less. My heart goes out to both Kim and Kris. I have been divorced for quite awhile now and letting go is never easy but if you can remain friends then the parting isn’t as devastating. That is my wish for Kim and Kris. Maybe one day she will be able to look back at this experience and see that she did take some good things from it and no I’m not just talking about monetary perks – I am referring to life lessons. Every love teaches us something valuable about ourselves and every relationship can leave us spiritually richer if we allow our hearts to be open to it.

-Russell Simmons

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