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Today is World AIDS Day.  HIV/AIDS has become the #3 killer in the African-American community of people from the ages of 25-34.  Please get tested, your life depends on it.

I remember growing up in Queens, and we were always worried about if we were going to live past 21 years old.  There were drugs, guns and gangs in my neighborhood, and one or all three of these things could stop you dead in your tracks.  Literally.  Never did we think that something as vicious and deadly would come along such as HIV/AIDS.  When this hit NY in the early 80’s, I remember seeing a lot of people die young. Thirty years later, I still see the same thing.  We have made amazing advancements in how we treat the virus, but we still are losing too many people, too soon.

Although today is a somber day, as we remember the lives lost, it is also an empowering day, because today we can begin to make individual decisions to end this disease once and for all.  The biggest killer is not knowing you are positive.  So, as scary as it might be, please get tested, as you will not only save the lives of others, you will save your own.

with great love
all things are possible

Russell Simmons