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Since today is Hov’s Big day I thought it would be cool to catch up with the big homie Memphis Bleek to ask him a few quesions about Hov and past birthday expierences. Check out my interview with Bleek PEEP BELOW:

Young Simmons : What was your best birthday moment with Jay?

Memphis Bleek: Every Year, You gotta think about it we from the hood we aint promised to see another day. To see you celebrate each year is a blessing whether im with you or 1 million miles away. As long as you get my email and my phone call its just a blessing to see another day its like when the ball drops.

YS: What did you get him for his birthday LAST year?

MB: A Box Of Cohibas

YS :What are you getting him THIS year?

MB: What can you get the man that got everything? Only thing I can get him is a box of Cohibas I know he’s probably tired of getting that from me hahaha

YS: So are you celebrating with him today – for the big day?

MB: Nah im up top working on my album right now(Drops in Febuary). He down in Dominican Republic right now I couldn’t make the trip you know business before pleasure, But ill be there next year.

YS: What is your craziest birthday moment with Jay?

MB: When we were younger when ‘Aint No Nigga’ just dropped he just came to me like yo ‘You Want to go with me?’ and I was like ‘Yeah where we going?’ he was like ‘Dont worry about it we just gon get on the plane and we out’. Jay booked the flight, The same day we land in New Orleans he took me down to Bourbon street
to the festival imagine being 15 years old in that for a little vacay.

YS: That sounds poppin!

 MB: And that was before all this fame we was just chilling.

YS: Like we boys type thing?

MB: Yeah

YS: What is your favorite Jay lyric? If you have because i know there’s a lot

MB: I got 2 classics they’re both old school lines he said

‘The watch face so blue look like its holding its breath’ and when he said

‘He brought the chick so much iceberg she thought he know snoopy’

YS: Haha

YS: Alright cool let me just get a quick birthday shout out for Hov

MB: Yeah you know what it is its ya boy M. Breezy big homie you know what it is big Happy B-day shout out to the big homie from the lil homie you know what it is holla at ya boy MB for life.

YS: Alright good looking out my dude

MB: Alright no doubt