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Age ain’t nothing but a number, especially when you’re legendary. And Betty Wright is legendary. 

STORY: Betty Wright – Artist, Businesswoman, Trailblazer

At the age of 57, Betty Wright is getting ready to release her 17th album, Betty Wright: The Movie, which drops on November 15. The album features collaborations from young bucks like Snoop Dogg, Questlove and Lil Wayne, who is featured on the song we have here, “Grapes On A Vine.”

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If you think that the pairing between the two wouldn’t work, think again. The two show they have great chemistry, with Wayne even going on ad lib duty during the chorus to go along with his verse.

In fact, the guitar heavy track reminds us a lot of another collaboration that might have seemed awkward on paper, but came off beautiful in execution —”Shooter,” Wayne’s 2006 duet with Robin Thicke.  

This is not the first time Wayne and Betty have collaborated. Before it was taken off of the album due to sample issues, Betty sang the hook for “Playing With Fire,” off of the Carter III.

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