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I’ve worked for Rush Communications for about 8 years now and since that time, I like to think somewhere along the line I’ve matured. Within that time of laughing, learning, and smiling, I heard Russell coin a new term called “Urban Graduate”. Me being my funny self immediately said “What the fuck is an Urban Graduate?”. At first it sounded like a street n*gg*r with educated dialogue. Then to be extra funny, I thought it was a college kid who is Hip Hop at heart, buts wants to project a classier image of himself so the world can receive him better.

Then I realized, it could be a bit of both all depending on whom you’re explaining it to and how the definition is being perceived. My definition of of an Urban Graduate is simple. Urban Graduate = then and now. Like any other culture, Hip Hop evolves, and as it evolves, so does its audience. I remember back in the days I was rocking dreadlocks, Carhartt hoodys, Timberlands and Lee jeans hanging way off my ass.  It was the look at that time especially since I was running around with Redman, Erick Sermon and Kieth Murray styling videos. I was on the corners, in the clubs drinking, chasing women and doing things an early 21 year old would do. Also at that time I worked for UPS, loading trucks to pay for that good time. Somewhere within that time, I aspired to be better. I’m not saying UPS wasn’t worthy, I’m saying I had a different calling.

I was watching people like P Diddy and Kevin Liles become the next foundation behind Hip Hop culture, and I sought to be one of those guys. Who would’ve known that as I started to get acclimated in the business, I would receive tutelage from the greatest mentors in urban culture, Rev Run and Russell Simmons. At that time Phat Farm was popping off! They had the illest gear and they introduced the Phat Classics sneakers with the “Time For A Change” campaign. I couldn’t believe it worked but I then realized that as I got older, I was willing to embrace change and take a step up. Slowly but surely, hoodies became button ups, jeans were worn with a belt and Timberlands became exclusive kicks. Even the partying became a bit more sophisticated.

As my growth continued on, so did Russell’s vision for fashion. Russell decided he’d make clothing available for the the Urban Graduate. Within that moment he created Argyleculture specifically tailored to the Urban Graduate. I remember hearing some corporate guy say “Who is the Urban Graduate and does he even exist?”. I thought it was the biggest insult to urban culture. I wanted to say “I exist BITCH”. Its obvious that the Urban Graduate was the street wear individual grown up and there’s millions of us. The Urban Graduate does exist and he’s Hip Hop at heart!

Seriously, today’s fashionista is not the same as yesterday.  Today’s Urban Graduate wears fitted clothing, preferably Argyleculture or American Classics (shameless plug but fuck it), with a more tasteful cleaner image. You have to realize that a part of growing up includes how you project yourself to the world.

I’m still Hip Hop at heart, but I’m also a new polished individual with success under my belt. They say the “Urban Graduate” doesn’t exist. I say “I am an Urban Graduate”. I EXIST 

Urban Graduates stand up!!

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