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The hip-hop community has been haunted by the unfortunate and untimely death of Heavy D

Thanks to our friends at TMZ, fans have been given the chance to get a glimpse of Heavy D’s last moments making music. 

DETAILS: Heavy D Knew Something Was Wrong Before He Died

Pictures of Heavy D’s reported last studio session show him producing and laying down tracks for his new album. 

Heavy D recorded his last songs at Sean “Diddy” Comb’s studio Daddy’s House in NYC around late July. 

There’s still no word on the official cause of death for Heavy D, but medical personnel released that he was 344 pounds at the time of his death. 

PHOTOS: Heavy D Through The Years

Medical examiners will release his autopsy report in the forthcoming weeks. 

Take a look at Heavy D’s last moments in the studio on the next few pages and above in the gallery!


Heavy D’s last moments recording his album Love Opus. For more pictures, visit