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Jay-Z‘s clothing line, Rocawear recently created a new shirt which reads “Occupy All Streets.”

When a photo of Jay-Z wearing the t-shirt with our bossman, UncleRush, was snapped last week while they were backstage after Jay’s Watch the Throne Tour stop at Madison Square Garden, the photo went viral and the media went crazy.

DETAILS: Jay-Z Rocks Occupy Wall Street & We’re Rockin’ His T-Shirts!

Specifically, there seemed some sort of made-up controversy around where the proceeds from the OWS shirts would go, and if Jay would be profiting off the shirts or if the proceeds would go to the movement. Jay never mentioned where the money would go, Rocawear just said they weren’t sure yet.

Then, finally, yesterday, there were reports that the shirt had been pulled.

Well, GlobalGrind spoke with an inside source and contrary to what the media has been reporting, Rocawear has not pulled the new “Occupy All Streets” t-shirts. The media reports are false.

EXCLUSIVE: It Wouldn’t Be Wise To Bet Against The Kid!

We’re rockin’ with our man Jay-Z. As long as he’s still selling the shirts, we’re definitely buying ’em and supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement!