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Adam Sandler is one of our favorite comedians, period.

From the classic Billy Madison to his most recent, Jack and Jill, he’s had us laughing for almost two decades now. Kind of hard to believe.

For his new film, which features the lovely Katie Holmes, Adam plays Jack, and his twin sister Jill. To be honest, we’re loving Adam as a woman. Not many people could pull off two roles, and of different sexes in one film, but of course, Adam can.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Adam and Katie as their film premiered this past Friday, November 11th, and got the inside scoop on their roles in the film.

Check out our exclusive below!

GlobalGrind: Talk to us about Jack and Jill. Set this story up for the audience.

Adam Sandler: Jill is very lonely and she lived with her mom, who passed away unfortunately. Jack has a successful life out in California, married to a lovely lady who takes good care of him and his children and so he is happy. And then every time his sister comes out he feels a little tugging on him. They are twins, so Jill has a strong bond with Jack and for some reason Jack wanted to break free. This movie is about getting them back together. Don’t you think? 

Katie Holmes: Yup I feel like Jill is a little caught in the past. She is trying to hold onto exactly how they used to be, and she is so lonely and holding onto those things.

Adam: Yeah that is true, she remembers a time when they would wear all of the same outfits and stuff, and so why is Jack wanting to be with his new family and his wife and things and he’s so “fancy” now (Laughs).

It can be challenging taking on the mannerisms of a woman, though most great comedians have done it.  How did you handle it?

Adam: The beauty was Jill was not as feminine as most guys who play a woman have to do. She moved kind of like a man. She is a brute, she’s a big girl, a tough girl. She’s fearless, doesn’t try to look gorgeous all the time and that made it easier.

Katie: Which I liked about her.

Adam: Yeah she didn’t care, pretty, not pretty, doesn’t matter, I’m me. When I sleep I leave a sweat stain, so what!

Katie, talk about playing Erin opposite Mr. Sandler here…

Katie: Erin is Jack’s wife and sister-in-law to Jill and she is caught in between these two siblings and trying to keep the peace in the household. And she also needs to be generous with Jill and sensitive because the mother has just passed. I think that Erin has some patience with her husband, so she is trying to be a little more patient with Jill.

Adam: You’re an understanding lady, no doubt about it. In real life too, old Holmes is a fine understanding lady.

Discuss the relationship between Erin and Jill.

Katie: What I enjoyed about playing Erin is I liked the relationship between Erin and Jill. They really got along and I think that Erin got a kick out of the fact that Jill annoyed her husband so much.

Adam: Yeah, you started to enjoy Jack’s uncomfortable life when Jill was around. I saw it in your eyes!