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Nostalgic for the good ‘ol Reading Rainbow days? Well, we can’t serve up a 2011 version of LeVar Burton engaging us in story telling time, but we can offer a little Lady Gaga reading from her newest book in a sequined evening gown!

The Born This Way songstress collaborated with famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson on a coffee table book titled Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson. With names that carry that much fame and unabashed eccentricity, the simple title holds its weight.

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In the video, Gaga reads her introduction in the book where she talks about her desire to be photographed by Richardson all her life. She also applauds the duo’s ability to make people uncomfortable and then briefly pays homage to Richardson’s “kind eyes” that hide behind “his famous glasses.” Gaga also talks about Richardson’s giggle when he photographs her at 4:30 a.m. …in bed.

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The New Museum in New York City made the books available yesterday for pre-order. Dedicated little monsters camped out on the sidewalk for a chance to get their furry claws on the book that Gaga, of course, dedicated to them.

Check out the video of Gaga sans theatrics and into book reading below!