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Last night, history happened at Terminal 5 in New York City when Snoop Dogg passed the torch to Wiz Khalifa. That’s right, there’s a new best weed head rapper in the game. 

In true pot lover fashion, that torch just happened to be a rolled doobie, as the two puffed and performed the night away. 

The night kicked off with “Toot It And Boot It” rapper YG, who performed a medley of songs, while the crowd began to light up their first of many blunts.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa “Young, Wild And Free”

Also hitting the stage last night was Taylor Gang’s own Chevy Woods, who stepped from the background to hold his own. The TGOD – OG closed his set by performing his verse off “Homicide” and rightfully so, because he killed it last night.

Once it was time for Snoop to hit the stage, the majority of the crowd were already on their third and fourth blunts. The Dogg Father came out and performed many of his hit songs we know and love, including “Gin and Juice,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “What’s My Name.”

What got the most attention was a steamy version of “I Wanna Love You,” where The S.N. Double O P, brought out his sexy dancers who had no problem shaking what their mama gave them.

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa “Dessert”

After Snoop closed his set, Wiz Khalifa came on stage and it was clear that the building was filled with Taylors. Wiz performed all of his hit songs, from “Gangbang” and “Taylor Gang,” to “On My Level” and “Roll Up” for the ladies. While Wiz did his thing, his loving girlfriend Amber Rose looked on from backstage and bobbed her head to the beat.

After Wiz was done, the smoked out pair both appeared on stage to perform hits off their upcoming joint album for their upcoming movie High School.

The “Black and Yellow” rapper stars as a valedictorian and Snoop Dogg plays Mac, an older guy with no plans on graduating who gets Devin (Wiz) hooked on weed.

If you get a chance to catch these two live in concert, be sure to pick up your tickets. Snoop and Wiz together is simply classic. 

Photo by Pete Monsanto of Fly Life Images