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Beyonce has to be the freshest and most swagged out pregnant woman in the history of humanity. 

DETAILS: Beyonce Plans On Being An Annoying Mother

The 30-year-old “Love On Top” singer was all smiles as she left Sakura Nails in New York’s East Village. Beyonce was feeling a couple of kicks in her baby bump, as she gave her stomach a gentle rub while heading to her car.

Wearing her sunglasses at night, skinny jeans and sparkly blue pumps, Bey didn’t forget to add some glamour to her baby bump ensemble. 

VIDEO: Beyonce’s 20/20 Interview

The mother-to-be took her time heading back to her ride, she previously told Katie Couric on 20/20, “I mean, I can’t walk. I have somebody holding me and hugging, and there’s going to be so much love around the baby.”

Maybe Beyonce will remake the Motown classic, “Baby Love”? Just a suggestion.

Check out these heart warming pictures of Beyonce rubbing her baby bump in the accompanying gallery!