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It’s official: Ice Cube is bringing Friday back! 

DETAILS: DAMMNNN!! Ice Cube And Chris Tucker Bringing Back Friday!

Actor Ice Cube has confirmed that he and 39-year-old original cast member Chris Tucker will reunite for one more Friday movie.

According to TMZ

A rep for Cube Vision Productions tells us … “Absolutely yes the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another ‘Friday.'” The statement continues, “[Ice Cube] is very excited about this and has every intention to make it happen.”

Talk about good news! The public has been wanting one more Friday since 2002’s Friday After Next.

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As we previously reported, original cast member Tiny “Deebo” Lister said that Chris and Ice Cube were in talks to bring it back and now it looks like it’s going to happen. 

The original 1995 hit comedy follows two slackers in L.A. who smoke all of their dealer’s weed and then hilariously try to figure out a way to pay him back. Calamity ensues. 

We will be in the building when the new Friday finally hit theaters. “… And you know this. MAN!”