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The Making of Speechless by Alicia Keys ft. Eve & Swizz Beatz

Last Tuesday we shared Alicia Keys latest single Speechless with you and now Swizz Beatz has released some behind the scenes footage from the making of the song.  The video features his new wife,  Alicia explaining that their new baby, Egypt Daoud Dean, is the inspiration for the track and basically leaves her speechless.  Ironically though, Egypt’s birth helped her to write one of her strongest songs to date.  In her video appearance, Eve talks about how the process for releasing songs has changed. 

She says that when she was starting as a rapper, every song had to go through the proper channels and could take 6-8 weeks to drop but now an artist can record and drop a new song whenever they feel.  Thanks to Swizz Beatz for dropping this footage. You can also BOLO for Swizz’  new website launching in 5 days HERE.  Enjoy the making of “Speechless” below.


Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

It is looking like the Sesto Elemento could become a reality, Lamborghini suggested that the concept presented recently in Paris, could become a production model on the market and may be up for a short production run of 10 vehicle. The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento comes with an overall curb weight of just 2,202 lbs, a V10 power unit, and permanent all-wheel drive, as well

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