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Monster dropped the Cable in its name a few days ago, picked up some exciting products and revealed some new partners at this year’s CES. 

The innovative electronics company, which has frequented CES for 30 years, had a great booth, the most frequented by celebs.

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The excitement began on Sunday at CES Unveiled, a crowded spectacle of the Best In Show, when Head Monster in Charge Noel Lee announced that the audio-centric electronics company, which has injected some fashion life into the headphones market, announced the name change at a press conference.

Lee also announced partnerships with Diesel, Nick Cannon and J.Y. Park. You can read our report on Monster’s partnership with Cannon here.

We spoke to Lee on Tuesday at Monster’s booth at the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center where rapper, automotive and gaming enthusiast Xzibit walked consumers through Monster’s line of gaming headphones.

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Xzibit’s run-through of the T1 took place around the corner from a runway and stage where new headphones with Diesel and J.Y.Park were introduced in a fashion show styled by Jay Exclusive.

Lee, stationary on his Segway, spoke about Earth, Wind & Fire’s Gratitude headphones, (we reviewed here a few weeks back), the future of Monster, and about Chicago, the legendary band Monster tapped to perform at its Annual Retail Awards, held last night at the Paris Hotel. Lee said that Monster will not be releasing headphones with Chicago. We did see, however, some beautiful headphones celebrating legendary Jazz musician and visual artist Miles Davis. 

Monster’s Elbert Lee, no relation to Noel (we had to ask) gave us a tour of some of Monster’s new products. We loved the Diesel and Diamond Tears headphones, see them in the gallery. We also loved Monster’s streaming speaker system, also found in the gallery.

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Diamond Tears In Ear Headphones by Monster and J.Y.Park were beautiful in both in ear and on ear versions.

Said Noel Lee via press release: “The creation of Diamond Tears – Edge™ Headphones was based on and inspired by J.Y. Park’s musical talent.  With 48 #1 hits in eight different countries, Park is not only Asia’s most prominent producer, composer and artist, he has become the only Asian producer to successfully crossover into the U.S. market. Producer of Rain, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, and miss A, he is also the first Asian producer to work with top U.S. artists such as Will Smith and Mase.

Check ’em out and more in the gallery!

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