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It’s all about the Benjamins baby!

President Barack Obama raised about $68 million in the final three months of 2011, bringing his campaign a total of $222 million, his re-election team announced Thursday morning.

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Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina told supporters that the fourth quarter money totals were more than $42 million for the re-election campaign and more than $24 million was from the Democratic National Committee.

The fourth quarter total exceeds the team’s $60 million goal, but is less than the $86 million and $70.1 million Obama and the DNC raked in during the second and third quarters of 2011.

Republican front runner Mitt Romney raised $56 million during the same time period, his campaign said Wednesday. While that total falls short of Obama’s, it’s far ahead of his GOP rivals.

Team Obama has the goal of raising $700 to $800 million in its sights before the November elections. In 2008, Obama shattered fundraising records, bringing in $750 million and sparking speculation that he could top $1 billion this campaign season.

In the video, Messina tamped claims his goal was to bring in 10 figures, insisting “the billion dollar number in completely untrue.”

The announcement came a day after the President hosted a large fundraiser in his hometown of Chicago.

Obama told the crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago:

“If you’re willing to work even harder in this election than you did in the last election, I promise you, change will come, you can’t back down – not now.”

Good to see that things are gearing up for Obama in his 2012 re-election bid.