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Tika Sumpter plays the controversial Jenna Rice on BET’s beloved The Game.

A model dealing with deep issues, Tika brings her talent to the role, playing a character with struggles so well, we forget how humble and sweet she really is in person, and that’s a good thing.

As the long awaited season 5 premiere of the dramedy finally premiered last week, we got the chance to chat with Tika and see what she thought.

Check out her thoughts on the season premiere below!

How was it seeing yourself on The Game last week during the season premiere? Was that the first time you saw it or did you see it before it aired?

No, that was the first time I saw it. I have to see it again because I feel like I missed [everything I wanted to get out of it]. I was looking at everything and I just have to look at my performance the next time. It was good. Jenna is, you know, Jenna. It’s starting off from last season so it’s a continuation of that scene of her being upset and drunk and falling off the wagon. It’s always interesting to see your body laying on the floor and everybody is like, is she dead? (Laughs)

How was it seeing tweets and the reactions of the fans as you watched it for the first time?

Well, the funny thing is, I was trying to keep up but I was at the Red Tails premiere so I was there, but I didn’t want to tweet during the movie so I tweeted afterward and people were like, ‘Oh my God Jenna better not be dead!’

It is fun to see that people like Jenna with all her craziness, so I like interacting with the fans about that stuff.

It’s so fun. It’s good to get their feedback!