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The Kardashians, our modern day Brady Bunch Family, has recently encountered several problems surrounding their infamous lifestyle.

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The ever-so positive and upbeat image that the family portrays on TV has led to excess fame and reality superstardom, making them the “family to watch” of our generation.

Now a household name, the Kardashians have worked hard to turn the family name into a brand. Their worldwide popularity has brought them success beyond measure, but also seems to be reason behind the slow demise of America’s favorite reality TV family.

Recent rumors surrounding Khloe’s paternity test, Kim’s divorce and alleged infidelity to Kris Humphriesalong with the demanding pressures of taping a reality show, have caused the Kardashians to publicly address negative allegations made towards the family. 

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All of the recent negative attention geared towards the Kardashians seems to stem from their popular reality show.  

And we all know of Hollywood families such as the Hogans, Barkers and Simpsons to name a few … that have entered the reality realm and displayed their lives on television for the world to critique and judge – only to come out of the ordeal worse off than when they started.

It’s obvious that the overwhelming demands many of the Kardashians face daily are synonymous with the brand they have created, which is quite expected as it comes with the territory.

But a reality TV show shouldn’t be the reason why a family loses the exact same foundation and morals they are set to replicate. It might be hard to imagine, but a TV crew and cameras constantly in your face can become tiresome and overwhelming and at the end of the day, the Kardashians are human and will react as any human would. 

Although the Kardashians seem to be facing hard times, they have still remained a positive and entertaining force within the pop culture realm. Never publicly lashing out against fans, the Kardashians remain humble in the face of adversity.

“Blessed and grateful,” Khloe Kardashian tweeted on January 17. 

The Kardashians are here to stay, leaving the rumors behind and spreading positive vibes. And that is something we can all appreciate.

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