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Lil Wayne proves he is one of the most tatted up rappers in the game in his new video.

Weezy has openly admitted his addiction to tattoos and he has the artwork to prove it. In his new video “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars, you can get a close up look at his famous tattoos.

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Some of these badass tattoos include the glow-in-the-dark stars on the side of his face, eyelid coverings, and wording inside the palm of his hands. His entire chest, back, arms, legs, neck and face is also covered with tattoos.

Wayne spoke about his body art in an explanatory video: 

“I have no problem with people going and getting a billion tattoos. But why are you doing it? I know my first tattoo I got, I got because my dad died. I was 14 years old and I knew, not for nothing, God forgive me, I did want to represent my dad in a way but I knew that, ‘Man, I could get my first tattoo at 14 if I asked my mom, ‘Can I go get my dad’s name?’ She’s not gonna be against that.’ The next tattoo that I got said ‘Original Hot Boy’ with a star. Then I went and got my tat across my stomach ’cause I wanted to be like Tupac. I got my tattoo because I wanted to be like Tupac and at the time, I would tell the tattoo dude that’s why I was getting it.”

Wiz Khalifa may have a song called “Ink My Whole Body,” but Wayne takes the addiction of tattooing to new heights.

Check out the gallery filled with pictures of his body artwork and the new video below.