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Who knew another found footage film could be so damn good! 

VIDEO: Chronicle Through Ben Lyon’s Iphone!

Chronicle takes what Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity started and brings it to another level. The movie starts off with Andrew, played by Dane DeHaan, setting up a camera in his room to capture his father attempting to break down a locked door. An obviously abusive father has lead to Andrew being a little shy and awkward. 

From that moment on, he decides to record everything!

Next we meet Andrew’s cousin Matt, played by Alex Russell. Matt is so cool he’s above being cool, which makes him sort of not cool. Maybe that’s the reason he’s driving his little cousin to school. 

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At first Matt is a little thrown off by Andrew’s reluctance to put down the camera, but he gets used to it. Once at school you quickly see who the big man on campus is, and that’s Steve Montgomery, played by Michael B Jordan

It’s evident because Steve’s poster for class president is all over the school, including on Andrew’s locker. Those are the three highly relatable characters who writer Max Landis so skillfully crafts in this amazing screenplay. 

After school, Andrew finds himself at a party with his cousin Matt, before he is left alone and gets beat up and left dazed and confused. That’s when Steve comes to revive Andrew from his daze and that’s when the trio discovers a hole in the ground with something abnormal inside.

They venture in and wake up with special powers – like the ability to fly, crush things and move objects without touching them. 

As their powers get stronger, the movie gets better, and you’ll find yourself really feeling the characters in this movie. Michael B Jordan puts together a great performance. 

Chronicle is an impressive found footage flick that makes going to the movies worth the money.

I highly recommend this film as the stand out of this weekend’s releases. 

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