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When Jay-Z is involved, expect nothing but the best!

The part owner of the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets is very hands on in designing the new luxury suites for the Barclays center. The 11 luxury suites, known as “The Vault At Barclays Center” will cost $550K with a minimum lease term of three years. 

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Jay has reportedly designed the décor of the suites and even made sure the little details, such as what type of forks will be used, is up to his standards!

Brett Yormark, The CEO of Barclays Center and the Nets stated:

“I don’t tell Jay-Z to do anything, I mean that. He tells me what to do. Listen, when it comes to our engagement, let’s just say he’s the CEO.”

The suites will include an asymmetrical layout, $300 bottles of Armand de Brignac champagne and lots of black and shimmering metallic décor. The tenants of each suite will receive eight tickets in the first 10 rows to all Barclays Center events, ranging from Nets games to family shows. Among these events include a concert he will put on this September to celebrate the opening of the new arena.

These luxury suites will be for the top elite individuals of New York City. The rest of the population will get to enjoy 2,000 tickets priced at $15 or less. No champagne for us, just good old overpriced beer.

Jay-Z has also been involved in creating the Nets’ new uniforms, logo and team colors that will be released this spring.

The cultural icon may only own a small percentage of the team, but he’s definitely getting his money’s worth.