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R&B singer Tyrese is a man of many talents. Not only is he a Grammy nominated singer, but he’s also an award winning actor, with a resume longer than your average Hollywood actor.

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Valentine’s Day is a special day for Tyrese. Not only is it the premiere “day of love,” but it’s also marks the re-release of his latest album, which is now titled, Open Invitation: Reloaded.

GlobalGrind chit-chatted with Tyrese about the re-release of his fifth studio album Open Invitation, the inspiration behind his music and his favorite songs on the album. 

Check out our exclusive interview below! 

GlobalGrind: What made you want to re-release Open Invitation?   

Tyrese: Well, for me, Open Invitation: Reloaded, that idea hit me and I was like, because of deadlines, when the album first came out, when you download the album on iTunes in particular, you don’t get know album credits, you don’t know who produced, who wrote, who arranged, who did anything.

The fans were complaining, like “yo, Rese!” Because there’s a lot of people, especially fans over seas, you know they love that sh*t. They love reading the credits and then there’s a bunch of other folks in the industry who wants to work with people that I work with. They want to know who did what. You know, we got the making of Open Invitation, the making of the “Stay” video. We got all of this stuff.

Open Invitation: Reloaded not only has more new songs on it, but it also has a bunch of other content. It has about 12 different photos and album credits and album packaging and all of the other stuff that I just mentioned.

We’re also coming off a number one single that was number one for 11 weeks with “Stay,” which is the first number one of my career. For it to be number one for 11 weeks—I would have been cool with it being number one for one week. Eleven weeks? Like, come on. I’m just happy.

What’s your personal favorite song on the album?          

I don’t have a favorite, baby. That’s like asking me do you like your son or your daughter. They’re all my babies. They all came from different places, different energies, different everything. Those are my babies.

Is there one song that you feel like everyone must listen to?

For Valentine’s Day, I want to dedicate two songs on the album to everybody. A song called “What Took You So Long” and another one is called “Make Love.”

Because when you have sex and when you make love to somebody you just met, why does this feel like this isn’t our first time? Why does this feel so familiar? So, it’s like, what took you so long to get here? “What Took You So Long” and “Make Love” are the two records that I really want people to focus on for Valentine’s Day.

I want to dedicate those two songs to all of the readers of GlobalGrind.