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The day of Hallmark love has finally arrived. While some love birds are overly enthused about celebrating their adoration for their significant others, some are avoiding all things associated with Valentines Day, but we’ve found a happy medium.

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Forget red roses and generic drugstore boxes of red cellophane wrapped chocolates, those are so last year.

We know Valentine’s Day is all about love, and that includes love for yourself, so why not get a gift that is a treat for two.

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We reached out to the fine folks over at La Verite Lingerie in New York City, and in addition to learning what men really want to see their ladies in, we also picked up a few pointers to help us feel sexy even on days that don’t celebrate with a naked flying baby.

Tell us a little about how the concept for La Verite came about.

La Verite hopes to inspire the American woman to experience the sexy and fully dressed feeling the European woman has treasured. The French believe when you express your true nature you are beautiful from the inside out which begins dressing “undessou”, or underneath.

La Verite, French for “the truth,” is to inspire the woman to look just as good underneath the clothing as she does on the outside. La Verite Lingerie is designed to be worn as a set, realizing the American woman comes in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, each collection has been designed to have several types of bras and panties to fit every woman’s individual style and need. 

Do you face any design challenges when working with silk that is imported?

As you know all silks are imported and our French stretch silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics. They are also one of the most delicate and challenging of materials to sew. The French have been working with silk satin and silk lace for centuries, so they are very experienced in creating intricate and beautiful garments out of silk. The details and finishing of our silk garments are superb. They may cost a little more but they are timeless and will last for a long, long time.  

What are some of the most popular pieces selling for Valentines Day?

Believe it or not red is no longer the official color for Valentines day in the lingerie world. Some of our most popular pieces have been our classic night gown in silk and lycra, and our embroidered bra and panties sets in traditional lingerie colors.

What is some of the advice that you are giving women to feel sexy in their lingerie?

Our advice for women that want to feel sexy in their lingerie is to buy their proper size. A lot of women have become sizeists and are too worried about the size of the garment and not the fit. At La Verite we measure our clients to make sure we fit them properly because either some women are not aware of their true size or their bodies may have changed recently.

We also are encouraging women to be consistent when dressing. Why spend thousands on an outfit and then wear a $15 bras and panty because no one will see it? It makes no sense and doesn’t make one feel well dressed and complete. As we said good dressing begin undessou.

Any advice for men shopping for lingerie for the special ladies in their life?

Our advice for men would be to not be afraid to buy her something that he would like to see her in, as well as something she would not buy for herself. Be extravagant and remember as the Beatles sang “that the love you get is equal to the love you give”.

What are the plans for the future? Are there any talks to expand to multiple locations?

For now, our customers can look forward to shopping our online store very soon, as well as other retail stores in the future.


La Verite Lingerie’s New York City Flagship store is located at 1333 Third Avenue.