What do Willow Smith and Odd Future have in common? 

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We don’t know, but apparently, it’s more than what meets the eye. 

Willow posted this head scratching picture of her hanging out with Odd Future frontman, 20-year-old Tyler, the Creator on her Instagram yesterday.

What was even more baffling was the caption she wrote: “Life is complete….Love Of My Life.” 

Willow rocked a Goblin sweatshirt all day, after linking up with Tyler and his Odd Future homies at their Odd Future store in Los Angeles. 

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We’re still wondering why exactly these two would be so excited to see each other and what exactly they have in common. 

Maybe a possible Odd Future and Willow Smith collaboration? 

Hey, anything is possible. Definitely don’t think a 11-year-old should be an Odd Future fan, but hey, what do we know?


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