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Rihanna and Chris Brown literally made the world gasp when they released not one, but two collaborative tracks last night. 

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown Featuring Rihanna “Turn Up The Music” Remix!

Rihanna hopped on her ex-boyfriend’s dubstep dance track “Turn Up The Music” remix, but what had everyone buzzing was their sexually charged and down right explicit lyrics from RiRi’s Talk That Talk banger “Birthday Cake.” 

Yesterday, was Rihanna’s 24th birthday and from what it sounds like, Chris Brown’s been putting the icing on that jawn.

DETAILS: Chris Brown Wishes Rihanna Happy Birthday Twitter

GlobalGrind decided to take a glimpse into RiRi and C. Breezy’s sex life by reviewing line-by-line and breaking down all the sexual innuendos and hypersexual lyrics of the once star-crossed lovers. 

These two Rihanna and Chris Brown collabos have everyone wondering, “What does this mean?” Well, no one knows what it means, but it’s provocative – it gets the people going!

Take a listen to “Birthday Cake (Remix)” below and then find out what it all means on the next few pages!


  • LYRIC: Remember how you did it?
  • Remember how you fit it?
  • If you still wanna kiss it
  • Come, come, come and get it
  • Sweeter than a rice cake, cake worth sipping
  • Kill it, tip it
  • Cake, fill it

DECODED: Rihanna goes down memory lane as she asks Chris Brown does he remember how they used to have sex and how she used to feel inside him.

RiRi then entices Chris to come kiss her cake or her kitty, if he still thinks about her sexually. Rihanna reminds Chris that her cake is sweet, sweeter than Karrueche’s rice cakes (subliminal shot) and demands that he kills the kitty and fill her insides up with his magic stick. 


  • LYRIC: Doggy want the kitty
  • Give me a heart attack and throw it back
  • Now watch me get it
  • And I knew this but you the shit
  • Damn, girl you pretty
  • Blowing out your candles, let me make a couple wishes

DECODED: Chris obliges Rihanna’s sexual advances by admitting that he’s been yearning for her kitty. He wants Rihanna to put it on ’em real good by throwing it back doggy style.

He tells Rihanna to hold on tight as he lays the pipe game down proper. He then compliments Rihanna by telling her she’s the sh*t and beautiful as he blows out her candles aka, blows out her back. 


  • LYRIC: Girl I wanna fuck you right now (right now)
  • Been a long time, I’ve been missing your body
  • Let me-let me turn the lights down
  • When I go down, it’s a private party
  • Ooooh, it’s not even her birthday
  • But I wanna lick the icing off

DECODED: Chris admits he wants to take down Rihanna in the bedroom, citing that it’s been a long time and he misses her body.

Chris talks about turning down the lights as he goes down to pleasure Rihanna orally. To top it off, it’s not even her birthday.LOL


  • LYRIC: If you sexy and you know it
  • And you ain’t afraid to show it
  • Put a candle on my motherfucking back baby blow it
  • Love the way you do when you do it like that
  • Show up with the stats, bring the racks on my racks
  • Wrap it up, wrap it up boy
  • While I take this bow off
  • Talk That Talk, yeah I know I’m such a show off

DECODED: Rihanna knows she’s sexy and she isn’t afraid to show it. She tells Chris to put a candle on her back side and blow it. And when she says “blow it” she’s referring the sexual innuendo “blow my back out.”

She references how she loves receiving backshots from Breezy. But before they get it popping, Rihanna tells Breezy to wrap it up (put on a condom) as she strips her clothes off.